Painting vents excitement through a pleasant, joyful moment. My favourite thing about painting is the emotion tied to the process itself, the flow of energy, and the fact that a part of the energy stays within the canvas. I paint intensively, passionately and spontaneously. I love pairing colours, watching them match and compliment each other. I take a piece of reality and process it my way. A piece I find beautiful, unusual, attractive, personal, everyday, just interesting in any way. I love life and my choice of hues and tones strongly reflects that.

I am inspired by cheerful contrasting patches of light on faces, objects, landscapes. I like when the light uncovers topography of a face. Looking at such effects pleasures me and filling the canvas is a challenge and source of satisfaction. I like simple and sunny still nature, trees, clouds, rocks or city view. Sometimes I paint them realistically but in spontaneous colours. Sometimes I simplify and smoothen until an abstract form appears. Anyhow my purpose is to preserve the joy of the moment.